The Most Haunted Hotel in the USA?

14 June 2017 | Haunted locations, Your True Encounters

Staying at the Chicago Congress Plaza Hotel and Convention Center doesn’t sound like a great idea based on some of the reviews I read.

We walked into the lobby of this hotel and thought how beautiful it looked. We were very excited. However, the were very few people working the desk and check-in took a long time. Finally after getting our key we went up to our room. Since the lobby looked fantastic, we thought our room would be too. However, as we unlocked the door to our room we were very disappointed. The room was very dimly lit with one lightbulb in the middle of a very high ceiling. The wallpaper was coming off the walls, and the curtains were falling off their rods. The carpet in the room looked filthy, and we were afraid to walk around in our bare feet. The bathroom looked liked it was updated, by the tiles on the floor were cracked. They tried to glue the pieces back together, but had an abundance of glue that was hard and dry over their repair work. The closet where we kept our suitcases has paint chips all over the floor. My wife dropped her brush behind a dresser. When I went to go move the dresser you can tell it wasn’t moved in a while. We found which appeared to be some form of medicine capsules, snack bags, and written notes from someone’s business trip. They offered no free WiFi and you had to pay extra for internet. The restaurants in the hotel were way over priced even for a simple breakfast. We opted to eat other places.

On the other hand, perhaps it does have one or two redeeming qualities….

Hauntings- Upon our return home I did some further research on this hotel. I found out that it is one of the top ten haunted hotels in America. Before knowing of this however, the first night while in the shower my wife and daughter heard a strange sound from under the bed. I checked, saw nothing and laughed it off. The last night of our stay there we were in bed and it was very quiet. All of a sudden we heard a knocking sound on our headboard of our bed. To this day can not explain what happened. I had the feeling the whole time we were their that someone would pop out of the walls, it was that eerie! The one elevator had a 13th floor, and the other elevator was numbered 22,33,44,66. Made no sense. After getting home and reading about the hotel there were other strange events as well. I’m glad we didn’t know about them ahead of time.

So says John K., A reviewer on

Dan DeBraun, a journalist who stayed there did his own investigation of the place after his friend told him…“he saw a shadow like figure standing by his bed when he woke up in the middle of the night. He says he woke up and saw the figure for a second or two before “it dissolved away”.. You can read his entire account here.

Jess B. and her husband went there just to sample the hauntings and room 441 in particular…

We chose to stay here because we read up on haunted hotels and wanted something haunted and scary for our anniversary.. Well it’s definitely Old, creepy, outdated, smells, not really sure if it’s really haunted or not and we did stay in room 441, I swear I felt the bed get kicked twice the first night but my husband assured me it was in my head since he didn’t feel it.. Anyway that was all, no ghosts or shadows lol.. The last night someone kept knocking on the door and trying to open our door but I’m sure that was just kids. Also went to the 12th floor north and nothing haunted there either but a really old hallway.. Our room 441 was huge and creepy the curtains are quite scary lol.

Yet another reviewer had this to say…

I stayed there on a company trip so didn’t actually pick this hotel. All I know is it was definitely haunted. I was laying on my bed and the curtain moved to the side as if somebody was peeking at me. Then my friend said she heard someone whistling in our room when she was in the bathroom. She looked out and nobody was in there…it happened 3 times. I had NO idea this hotel was even haunted until I told my friend about it and he looked the hotel up for me. He sent me the link about it…this hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in Chicago! I wish I had known this before I stayed there! The hallways look like the hallways from that movie ‘The Shinning’

So, next time you are visiting the windy city….. this could be the hotel for you?

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