A Haunted House in the United States

16 June 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

We moved into my grandma’s house when I was around fifteen years old. I loved it there. After she died we started having strange occurrences. One day while I was home alone, I swore I heard somebody laughing in the basement. I went down there and searched, but could not find anyone. I think it was the husband because I was told he used to tinker with stuff in the basement a lot before he died.

Another odd thing that would happen was when we would be sitting in the living room watching television. We would always see people walking through the kitchen from the corner of our eyes. I do not know whether it was our eyes playing tricks on us or what.

One night, I was sleeping in my room and I awoke to the sound of metal banging on metal. I thought that maybe it was the neighbors doing something weird outside, but I looked at my clock and realized it was about 3am. Then, I figured out what it was. I had a brass bed with plastic beads hanging on it. There was no draft coming into the room, the vent was not blowing, and I was not moving, but somehow my beads were banging against the bed. After I saw that, I looked around the room and saw a bunch of little lights floating around. I do not know what the hell that was, but it scared the crap out of me!

We would hear footsteps, laughter, music and all kinds of weird stuff would go on. We eventually sold the house and moved and I have never had any paranormal experience like that since. Thank God!

Nicki Francis, CA

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