The Shadow That Absorbed Light

20 June 2017 | Haunted locations, Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Hi, my name is Shawn, I’m a Christian, born and raised in south eastern Pennsylvania. There have been a few “interesting” events in my life that one could say touch on the unexplained or super natural. Somewhere back around 1996 – 1997 I had two separate events that shook me pretty good, then a third later in life around 2003.

The first took place at work, I was a shipper for a small company; my work area was in the basement of an old building. The building was one of those old 3 story industrial brick buildings that you’d have to walk upstairs to get to the first floor. The basement was only 3 feet below ground level and that is where I spent 8 hours of my day, Monday to Friday. I was a decently lit basement with the florescent lights mounted to the ceiling but not aligned over the isles very well; there were shelves that ran perpendicular to the white, painted brick, outside walls where we stored finished goods ready to be shipped. I would receive paperwork for orders, fill and prep for shipping, fill out all UPS paperwork and then wait for the UPS guy. One day I was filling an order and I was in one of these poorly lit isles, there was a little basement window in the outside wall but it was behind the shelving rack I was picking from and the ceiling light was in the main isle but not shining very well into the one I was working in. Then, it happened. As I reached to grab a part box a shadow came across the wall. I looked around but I was alone in the basement. Mind you this isn’t a very large basement and although we had a receiver who worked down there with me, he was out of the building at the time.

I looked back at my hand, which was still reaching of the part box and, still, there against the wall was the shadow. It was then I realized it wasn’t a normal shadow, it was dark. Darker than dark, it was the opposite of light, ANY light. I have been in the back of caves in West Virginia with a youth group and we would turn off our flashlights to experience the complete and utter darkness; and this shadow was that same darkness – if not darker. It moved across the wall and onto the shelving. It moved fluidly and molded itself to any surface it came in contact with, like water moving over a rock. It enveloped all it came in contact with, and as it did, you couldn’t define the surface it was on.

Dropping the box, I jumped back and moved quickly into the main isle. Again I looked for someone in the basement with me, but, there was no one. I was all alone with whatever that shadow was. From the main isle I could still see it, moving across the wall and shelving, it moved toward the area of the wall that was closer to the window and as it did the light on the wall disappeared. Immediately I started praying to Christ to protect me and in His name commanded it to leave. And just as quickly as it appeared it was gone! Light that came through the window onto the wall returned (mind you no light was blocked from coming in the window from the outside, it was still daylight outside, just wherever that thing touched the light was gone on that surface). I went upstairs to use the phone, this was still pre-cell phone days, and called my mom and asked her to pray with me before I went back down into that basement. I returned to my desk and saw nothing more of the shadow.

I worked in that basement for months and never saw anything like that again, there or anywhere else. I know what I saw, and I’ll never forget it. Something that absorbed light, something that obviously feared the name of God was down there that day, something.

Submitted by Shawn Loch

Shawn has two more stories and we will be publishing them in the next two days….

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