The Healing

21 June 2017 | Audible Activity, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My second story took place about year after the first. I had broken up with a girlfriend and shortly after the breakup, I developed a kink in my neck on the left side. I stayed with me for months and months, almost close to a year. One day I couldn’t take it anymore, in submission I got down first on my knees and started praying to God to heal my neck, to take this pain, this kink in it, away. I was tired, exhausted from not being able to sleep well for so long. I prayed and prayed, and then in further submission to God, I laid down on the floor on my stomach, face down and continued to pray. I asked for nothing more than healing, and I continued to pray. Suddenly my neck loosened and I could feel the kink disappear. It was instantaneous! There one moment, gone the next! But this is where it gets, well strange. This all happened within seconds. The kink is gone, muscles loosen and the pain is gone, the next second after the kink and pain are removed I heard a VERY loud bang on the side of my wall. This all took place in my bedroom at my parent’s home. My room was on the second floor and I had two outside walls. The outside was covered in aluminum siding. The “bang” was loud, loud like something was thrown at the house, but we lived in the country and there were no neighbors behind the house, which is where my room was, (the back corner of the house). The bang was loud, like hitting a car fender with the flat palm of your hand; but REALLY loud and over a larger area of the house than a just the size of a man’s hand. It was more like the size of a basketball if you know what I mean.

And then, all was quiet. Birds chirping outside, wind blowing in my window. And me getting up off the floor with a healthy neck. No pain, no kink, no more trouble. I stuck my head out my window and looked for something on the ground that could have hit the house. Maybe it was bird, no bird, no feathers, no mark on the aluminum siding either. But there was something that hit the house; I think whatever God kicked out of my neck had a good temper tantrum as it left. And by the grace of God, it stayed gone.

Submitted by Shawn Loch

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