A 10 Foot Guardian Angel

22 June 2017 | Demons, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My final story took place around 2003, I was living in a row home with my then first wife. The house was hers and I was doing some work in the back yard. The row home was actually one building with 3 homes; ours was the middle one so we had a neighbor’s yard on each side of our own. At the back of the yards was a very narrow alley that t-boned into another alley. That alley bordered the yard to the right of ours if you were looking out our back door. I was standing in the middle of the yard facing the neighbor’s yard that bordered the second alley with the narrow alley to my left. I casually looked to my left slightly as I had a feeling I was being watched from across the way but saw no one. I looked and looked and saw nothing but a large oak tree in someone’s unkempt yard with no one standing under or around it. But still the feeling I was being watched from that location was strong, very strong!

I started to turn my head back to the right and that is when I saw something. Something I couldn’t believe. There in the corner of my sight I witnessed a tall humanoid shape, towering over me standing right next to me on my right side. I’m 5 ft. 10 in. and this “being” was at least 4 ft. above me. It was solid but made of light, I couldn’t see through it but I couldn’t make out any clear definitions about it; other than a humanoid shape, a distinctive jaw line and it’s head was turned looking over me and staring in the same direction I felt something was watching me.

This being of light had two arms, I saw them come together in front of it and its hands were grasping a handle to a sword. The sword was as high as its waist line and the tip must have been resting on the ground. I then looked back to my left to see if I could now see what the being of light was looking at, but still there was nothing. Quickly I turned back to my right, but the being of light was gone and so was the feeling I was being watched.

I believe that day I saw my guardian angel. I feel privileged I was able to see it and witness it looking out for me. It must have been sent to chase whatever that thing was away, to do battle in the heavenly realms. I told my wife at the time, and she felt the same way that it must have been my guardian angel. All in know is, it was at least 10 feet tall, build like it could take on an army and armed with a battle sword. It was made of light but solid and it stood by my side with a look that could and most likely did, chase off the devil himself.

Submitted by Shawn Loch

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