The Terror on the Train

26 June 2017 | Old hag, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I like trains and riding by train so when an opportunity to go to Frankfurt for business presented itself, I opted to take the sleeper service in both directions rather than fly. I was looking forward to the trip and as I found my private sleeper compartment at Vienna station, I will admit to a little excitement. I had decided to try to get some sleep almost immediately the train left Vienna as arrival was at 5.25am meaning I would need to wake up about an hour earlier. I pushed the three seats away and pulled down the bed and after ordering breakfast, I got in to bed and switched off the light. For a while, I just lay there allowing myself to be gently rocked to sleep by the motion of the train.

At some point, I recall feeling as if someone was sitting on my legs and as I tried to get up to see, I realised that I could not. I could not move! I could hear the people next door talking and the sound of the train on the tracks and something getting up off my legs and moving above me. There was a feeling of rising terror especially when I saw the thing that now floated above me. It was like a whitish mist with eyes and a face of sorts. It came alongside me and peered at me. I tried to scream for help. Nothing came out. I was totally aware of everything – sounds, smells, sight, my fear – everything – but I was paralyzed and the plaything of whatever this was that was now inspecting me like a cold piece of meat. Then, as quickly as it had started, the train suddenly braked and the jolt freed me. I watched as the mist rose up and into the luggage recess of the carriage where it seemed to be waiting. I sat up and switched on the light. It was still there. I was frightened and my heart was racing. I was also puzzled. What had just happened? Had it been a vivid dream? I soon came to the conclusion it was an old hag experience or sleep paralysis and that hadn’t happened to me in decades. Despite that, the thing – the entity – was real. I could still see it.

When you write ghost stories for a hobby, it takes something very scary to frighten you. I can tell you that I felt a mixture of fear and puzzlement. I started to pray and then also do some self protection. The thing seemed to have gone and I commanded it not to bother me again. after a few minutes, I lay down again and dozed.

I awoke knowing the thing was back. Once again, I could not move nor scream yet I could see, hear and sense everything. The thing was hovering over me and, I’ll be honest here, I felt a sense of sexual excitement along with the fear. The thing was going to molest me? For a few moments, it seemed so but then it seemed to know that I was aware of it and its intentions and instead, it moved upwards and peered at me again. I started to scream ‘Help’, ‘Help me’ but no sound emerged from my lips. I was now really scared because I was at the mercy of this thing and we both knew it and there was not a thing I could do. Imagine, laying paralyzed as an entity – perhaps even a succubus – eyed you up as its next victim. I continued to struggle though I could not move. I kept on trying to scream for help. I knew there was a call button just above my head if only I could move. The malevolence of the thing was scaring me and I knew it was just a matter of time before it started doing whatever it planned on doing….

And then, again, I was fully awake and able to move. I sat up sweating profusely with my heart pounding. I again prayed, engaged in some self protection and generally told it to get the hell away from me. Needless to say, I barely rested the remainder of the night and my day was one of a heavy tiredness dogged by the memory of the grayish mist-like face.

G. Michael Vasey

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