“What Happened To Me In Room 217?” and 3 more TRUE paranormal stories! – WeirdDarkness

28 June 2017 | My Haunted Life Toosdays, Your True Encounters

In this episode:

*** 3:43 That creepy feeling that you’re being watched. Is it always a malevolent presence, or could it possibly be something holy looking over you? (A 10 Foot Guardian Angel)
*** 6:56 G. Michael Vasey – the horror author and owner of MyHauntedLifeToo.com, recently had a terrifying experience of his own in Germany while on a train alone. (The Terror On The Train) *** 12:56 A woman tells the true story of what happened to her when she stayed in room 217 at the Stanley Hotel – the very hotel written about in Stephen King’s book, “The Shining”… the very room Stephen King stayed in. (A Paranormal Experience in Room 217 At The Stanley Hotel)
*** 19:41 Do you believe in the power of prayer for physical healing? One man was so desperate he spoke to God. His story is incredible, uplifting, inspiring… and just a bit scary. (The Healing)

Now.. sit back, turn down the lights, and come with me into the Weird Darkness!


Featured in this episode from MyHauntedLifeToo.com…

“A 10 Foot Guardian Angel”
Submitted by Shawn Loch

“The Terror On The Train”
Written by G. Michael Vasey

“A Paranormal Experience in Room 217 At The Stanley Hotel”
Submitted by Kirin Johnson

“The Healing”
Submitted by Shawn Loch

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