A Ghostly Smell?

29 June 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My husband and I have been living in our current apartment for almost five years. Upon moving in, the maintenance man who was fixing the place up for us told us an old man lived in this apartment for many, many years. He said this man would never clean and his apartment had a thick layer of dust on almost everything. He did not tell us why this man no longer lived here and we didn’t pry as it’s not our business.

But, everybody knows what their home smells like. It’s a smell that becomes familiar to you, one that you are so used to that any change is noticeable immediately. Every now and again I will be at home just doing my thing, cleaning or relaxing, whatever. As I move from room to room in our small apartment, I sometimes get a smell that is definitely out of place in our home and is very distinct and noticeable. The smell is like going to my great grandparents’ house when I was a kid. Sort of a dusty and musty smell that makes me think of old things and elderly people. I will only smell this scent in one small area of the home, taking a few steps away it goes back to normal. By small area I don’t mean only one particular spot in the apartment but rather, just a small area of whatever room I am in, the scent doesn’t permeate the entire room more like I’m walking through it for a few steps then it’s gone. This never has felt negative or threatening, just strange.

I’m debating with myself if it’s just random lingering dust smell or if it’s something paranormal like the past tenant visiting his home and his scent is the only thing manifested. What do you think?

Submitted by S Price, Arizona

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