The Poltergeist Who Won’t Leave Us… Ever

30 June 2017 | Haunted houses, Poltergeist, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

During the summer of 2010, five of my children were playing outside one afternoon, leaving my second eldest son indoors with me, but he was upstairs. He came downstairs and was visibly shaken and scared, I asked him… “What’s wrong?” He said while he was sat upstairs he had heard a woman say something to him very close to his ear but he couldn’t make out what the female voice said. It was all very strange.

A few months later my friend came around one night she had a few glasses of wine while I had a soft drink, we had a good laugh and catch up she went home at about 11-30pm, so I retired to bed. Early that morning I was woken up abruptly by what sounded like breaking glass from downstairs. I thought someone had broken into my house. When I walked into the kitchen I saw the two stems of, what used to be, wine glasses stood perfectly upright while the smashed off tops of the wine glasses where rolling about on the sink drainer. Really weird. I didn’t have a cat or any other pet that could have been to blame. I knew my children where all still asleep in their beds upstairs, I just couldn’t find a reason to explain what had just happened and why would the wine glass stems remain upright?

I always felt uneasy in this house I felt like I was being watched, we had lived in this house for three years and decided to move to a larger house. My husband bought a property and renovated it into a five-bedroomed house. We were very excited about having this great new home, and I put all the strange things that happened in our old house behind me.

One evening my husband and I were stood in the kitchen at around ten in the evening. All our children were asleep in bed, when all of a sudden about a handful of skittle sweets, smarties and about five bucks in small change was thrown at my husband from the 20ft galley hallway, my husband ran quickly down the galley hallway and then upstairs, he thought it was our children messing about, although we didn’t hear any laughing or footsteps running away.  it was a three-storey house and my husband ran up the two flights of stairs only to find all our children fast asleep,

A few weeks later, my husband stayed up to watch a movie when he saw what he could only describe as a black mass formation moving down the hall towards the lounge. He just stared at it in shock and it just faded away at a few feet away from him.

He wasn’t too keen on the house after that incident, so we moved again and in this next house we would hear knocking on the windows. Our children have also heard whispering close to their ears in this house both female and male voices. It’s all very weird. I have a lot more I could tell you about our experiences… it seems like we have a spirit who has become attached to us.

Angel Ferrante, Indiana


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