The Shadow in the Kitchen

03 July 2017 | Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Here is another encounter with a shadow person in which it seems the shadow is surprised by a human….

Have I got a story for you!

I was dog sitting for a friend in Queens one evening. I had the TV on, popcorn in hand, and the dog, a muscly (but very sweet) pitbull snoozing next to me. The front door was in view in this very small apartment on the third floor, and all doors and windows were locked. Suddenly, the pup perked up and deeply growled. She jumped up and ran around the corner into the kitchen. I follow her. Standing in the middle of the kitchen is a shadow person. I could barely see the counter behind it, and it looked vaguely whispy around the edges. Roughly six-feet-tall. Just standing there, looking at the dog. The dog stops, hackles raised, growling at the thing and barking. I gasp, the thing turns to look at me and takes a step back, almost in shock (maybe it was shocked that I could see it?) I quickly yell at it to leave, tell it that it is NOT welcome here, and that it can NEVER come back. It walks through a wall. The dog and I eventually calm down… but that was one of the best paranormal experiences I’ve had.


Originally a comment by Tatiana Philip-Therese Federoff on Buzzfeed

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