The Other Baby Sitters

04 July 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

In high school, I babysat a little girl for the family across my street. One New Year’s Eve I was asked to babysit the little girl and about a dozen of her cousins at the grandmother’s house late that night as the adults were out partying. When I arrived at the grandmother’s house, it was around 10 pm and the kids were sprawled out throughout the living room watching Tarzan. Upon arriving, I was told that there was one baby sleeping in a basement bedroom, the rest of the kids were in the living room. Within minutes, all of the older kids had fallen asleep. The house was quiet and dark around me, and I felt extremely uncomfortable in it. It was an old house, and I kept hearing what sounded like footsteps from the floor above me. I brushed this off, telling myself it was just the house contracting in the cold weather. I went into the basement to check on the baby and immediately felt ill-at-ease, it was cold and dark down there. I found the baby–around five or six months old–sleeping in a bedroom with a crib and a rocking chair. For the rest of the night, I sat upstairs reading a book. There was a baby monitor that I used to listen for the baby, but it remained silent throughout the night.

Around 2 in the morning, I started hearing voices through the monitor. Multiple voices. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but they were deep and whispering. It scared me terribly, but I knew I had to go check on the baby. When I got down there, I turned on every light I could find, but before I could turn the light on to the bedroom the baby was in, I saw the baby standing (a baby that wasn’t old enough to stand) in his crib. He was not looking at me, but rather staring intently and laughing at the rocking chair in the corner. A movement from the chair caught my attention…it was rocking on its own. I left the baby and ran upstairs. I turned the monitor off for the rest of the night and never went back down. I ran out of the house as soon as the parents returned. I never babysat for them again.

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