The Ancients Walk At Night

06 July 2017 | Haunted locations, Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story happened when my friends and I were traveling through the state of Utah. After having a few drinks at a local bar, we went back to the hotel. I looked at my watch and found that it was already ten in the evening. My friends are already asleep on a separate bed and all the lights are off except the one coming from the balcony where the light is still on.

I felt restless. As a habit, I would grab my phone and started checking Facebook, scrolling down until I get sleepy and doze off. It wasn’t long before my sleep was interrupted by a movement in the room. I thought it’s one of my friends already awake and preparing for a day of hiking. I found it weird because earlier, he set up his phone as an alarm, but I hadn’t heard the sound. I usually lie on my stomach when I sleep. I guess I was too tired that time, so I didn’t bother to turn around and have a look.

Suddenly, I felt a hand touched my back and thought it was him trying to wake me up. It felt as though the hands seem bigger and the fingers longer. I turned around and was extremely horrified with what I saw! It wasn’t my friend, but a very dark smoke-like figure with red, fiery eyes. I let out a loud scream, it woke my friends up and immediately they turn the lights on. I look around and see that it was gone. They’re both looking at me worried, then I told them of what I saw. They thought I was just having nightmares, but I know what I saw. I wasn’t dreaming. It was real.

Later that day I found out that the hotel we were staying at was built on a sacred Indian burial ground. Apparently, that hotel has been in and out of business for years, and has a reputation for being haunted. We had no idea when we made the booking—but you can never tell when you are going to come face-to-face with the paranormal.

Mark Rawlins, California

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