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10 July 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Having the gifts of an empath is something I deal with everyday and I deal with seeing spirits once in awhile.

When I opened my restaurant, I prayed and blessed every wall of that place from top to bottom. I prayed that no evil entity could ever step foot in that shop. When we were open for about 2 months, it was raining outside very hard. I had looked out across the street and saw a man in a grey coat who was standing in the rain. I couldn’t see his face, but when I first glanced over I thought why is this guy standing in the rain? I asked one of my co-workers if they could see that guy and they said what guy? I knew then that this was a negative entity who was mad because they could not step foot in my shop. I knew that this entity was mad and he knew I knew it. All I could do was just glance over and stare at him as he didn’t have a face but I just remember the coat that he was wearing and how big and broad his shoulders were and he just glared at my shop, but I knew that he could do no harm and then when I glanced over again he completely disappeared. It’s nice having God on your side.


Submitted by Norris Chere

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