The Scratching Sound That Haunted My Visit

12 July 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I had travelled to the United States to meet with some members of my family who had lived there for many years. It so happened that as part of my first stop I ended up staying at a relative’s house, which unknown to me at the time, was believed to be haunted, at least by some members of the household. Among other things, they would see things like fresh meat falling out of clothes in an unexplained manner as well as blood stains appearing in various places of the house, in an equally unexplained manner.

They lived on the fifth floor, where it would make it very unlikely for any animal to climb up from the outside. Now this is a detail that will be important in the coming paragraphs. So, after the day of spending time with the relatives, I went to sleep in the room that they had designated for my stay.

In the middle of the night I was woken up by a strange scratching sound coming from outside the bedroom window. More specifically, it sounded like something was scratching the wooden exterior shutters of the window, so while I could hear it, I couldn’t see anything on the other side due to the shutters being closed.

For a few minutes, I heard something on the outside, scratching on the shutters. I was thinking to myself “what kind of animal wants to come up here just to scratch these shutters?” and then I think this is way too high for something to climb up… Something isn’t right here. After a few seconds, now it seems like that sound is coming from the corner of my ceiling. Another detail to note is that there were apartments above the one where I was staying, so it’s not just something getting on the roof to scratch.

A few seconds later, the source of the scratching sound started moving, back and forth between two of the corners. Looking up at the ceiling, I still couldn’t see anything though I could hear it very clearly. Then I start getting spooked. I believe in paranormal entities. I prayed as hard as I could. No sooner did I complete my prayer… the scratching stopped and I was able to continue sleeping with no further interruptions. When I mentioned this to my relatives the next morning, then they told me of the strange occurrences involving the meat and blood that they had experienced in their apartment.

Chris Rostell, Canada

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