I’m Home! The Ghost of my Living Mother.

14 July 2017 | Audible Activity, Living Ghosts, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Having only recently issued a new Kindle short called Ghosts of the Living, I am always on the look out for a certain kind of experience story these days that fits into this category. I just found this one on Reddit. What do you think?

This happened YEARS ago. ~10ish years. I was probably 11 or 12, and my sister was a year younger. We were in elementary school, and would take the bus home and let ourselves in. My mom would show up 10 minutes later when she get out of work. And we would know she had gotten home because every day she would open the door and say “I’m hooome!”. She did this every single day.

One week though, there were 3 days that she needed to stay an hour later at work, and felt that I was responsible enough to hold the house down for an hour while she and my dad were at work.

Day 1 (I think it was a Tuesday) we got home from school and went to do what we do after school (computer games for me in the living room and my sister played with toys in her room upstairs). It was the time that my mom would usually be home, and I heard “I’m hooome!” Weird. She told us she’d be late. Both my sister and I run to the front door as we always do, and no one is there. It was a dark rainy day and it really spooked us, like I said, my sister was on the OTHER side of the house from me, and she heard it too.

Day 2 (Wednesday) and the weather is the same. We get off the bus and walk inside and go about our usual business again. Same thing. About 10 minutes later, “I’m hooome!”. Sister comes running down the stairs again and comes up to me and asks if mom’s really home. We go to the front door and nothing again. We told our parents about it but they obviously had no explanation. We were just kids too, they might’ve thought we were making stuff up.

Day 3 (Thursday) we prepare this time. Both of us are in the living room watching the clock (it happened at the same minute each day) with the home phone in hand, prepared to call for help. The weather was terrible. Thunder and lightning. It was so bad that it was actually dark out at 2ish. The clock strikes the specific time (I do not remember the time). “I’m hooome!” My sister and I look at each other and start balling immediately. We run to the front door, no one there. We run outside and call dad and he ended up coming home early.

None of this is over exaggerated to make the story better, I’m posting this to see if anyone else has had an experience like this. My mom was living, but it seems we were being called by her spirit. Since then, nothing out of the ordinary has happened and I’ve lived in that house off and on ever since. There are some spooky things written on a wall in the attic but I was young when I saw them and my dad told me to not worry about it.

Originally submitted by SlyOlAbe at Reddit

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