The Basement Terror: A True Tale of the Paranormal

31 July 2017 | July 2017, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This took place several years ago when I lived at home with my parents and sister and our cousin.

We were downstairs in the basement playing cards and talking then out of nowhere everybody had gotten quiet and I did not know why. A second later I heard a little girl voice say “look” or “look back there” in my ear, and then my older sister said she saw a black shadow go past my shoulder. So, I look in the back of the basement, mind you no one is back there and the lights are off in the back, and then I hear a nail of some sort get dragged across one of the workbenches we have in the back. And then we all heard a noise on the ground look at each other and ran upstairs because we were scared.

Then minutes later we go back downstairs and check in the back on the floor to see if anything is on the ground and one single nail you would screw to the wall was lying there. We all looked at each other and ran back upstairs and did not bother to turn the front light out. We tried to tell my parents about it but my mom kept denying it saying there was no such thing, but my father he believed us because he had said he experienced some paranormal events in this house. My mom had said once she saw a white shadow of a little girl in her bedroom doorway but she keeps denying it was something paranormal and she had come up with an excuse for it. To this day she still will not admit that paranormal occurrences can occur. I still get scared going in my basement.

Ronnie Calhoun, Indiana


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