The Ghostly Child Who Haunts My House

02 August 2017 | August 2017, Creepy places, Ghost Hunting, Your Stories

The first incident took place several years ago while I was still a child. I was in my bed, in the middle of the night, facing the right side of the wall. I turned around to where the entrance of my bedroom is and in the corner of the room was a full body apparition of a young girl, she had black curly hair, and was wearing a white dress. She was standing near the door, I was frozen and I was fully awake, but it scared me. I quickly hid under my covers and peeked out again to see that she was gone. She was.

Nothing else happened until recently, I have been hearing whispers, footsteps, and banging at night while everyone is asleep. Nobody else has heard anything. I do feel a presence everywhere I go. I have also seen a face of a man while I was in the bathroom washing my teeth when the door was partly closed, I saw an older male’s face peeking in. I am aware this house has been here since the 20’s, so there’s bound to be activity.

Sometimes, in the corner of my eye I see black masses or white masses flashing quite vividly from time to time. It seems they are quite active to an extent, but I do feel it’s more of a positive energy then a negative one.

Emma K, Oxford

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