Premonition of a Family Members Death

11 August 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had weird things happen to me, my grandfather passed away in 1992 and I was born a year later, my grandma had used an ouijja board to communicate with him and he said he would come back to the earth through me, like a reincarnation or something. When I turned 13 I would get these weird dreams, not regularly but once in a blue moon, I would see an ambulance in my dream, and then someone from my neighborhood would pass away. I felt guilty but people were like “it’s not your fault you’re not killing them you know. Maybe you have a strong sixth sense or something.”

Sometimes I’ve seen things pass from the corner of the eye around me whether it be inside my house or if I’m alone somewhere. Once when I was sleeping I heard this lady call out to me, I was in that half asleep half-awake state and I wasn’t dreaming. She said my name three times and this happened in my own house. Of course, my parents said I as dreaming and that I imagined it. My grandma’s step-brother was very sick and he was on the ventilator, he passed away early in the morning according to his family around the same time when I was asleep I got a dream that he died and later that morning they called my mom to tell them that he died. This has been happening for a pretty long time, also I’ve noticed I always get up at around the same time every night. Nothing happens to me, no sleep paralysis or anything that sort but I always wake up around that time.

H Bennett

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