Ghostly Radio

15 August 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Dead people can apparently also use radio to communicate with the living. A couple that was moving into a new home after their wedding started to hear music playing quite loudly in the house, but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. They began to search through the boxes of belongings that were piled up all around looking to see what the source could be. Eventually, they came across an old transistor radio that had once belonged to the wife’s grandfather. It was playing wartime band music very loudly. There was just one problem. The radio was not connected to any power, contained no batteries and had been broken and unusable for years. She only kept it as an ornament and memento of her long dead grandfather. It seemed granddad wanted to let her know that he was there and that he knew about her wedding? The radio continued to play granddad’s type of music all day and when it stopped, it never made another sound.

From Ghosts in the Machines by G. Michael Vasey

© 2024, G. Michael Vasey & My Haunted Life (Unless indicated otherwise by author’s own copyright above). All rights reserved.

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