A Thrill From Contacting the Dead

16 August 2017 | Demons, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I recently moved into an apartment with my dad, my sister and my brother. My sister and I share a bedroom. One night, my sister told me that she knew how to contact the dead. I was a little freaked out, but I wanted to try it. I said that we should contact our great grandma who died in the 90’s. So we did, we began asking her questions, like “are you at peace, are you disappointed in us, are you in heaven, are you happy”. The only positive answer was she’s not disappointed. After that she told us that she was not at peace, not in heaven, and not happy. We felt like she was there to protect out our family.

Since I moved in, I have felt a presence, not a good one, I am always on edge and I always feel like I’m being watched. My sister said she felt like our grandma wanted us to break the chain (we were holding hands), she looked very scared, so we did. We felt like there was something evil in our room. We sat with the lights on for about an hour before deciding to go to bed. We turned out the lights and soon felt the presence again, only, it felt stronger. We sat with our eyes closed, we did not want to see it. But I did anyway, I had a vision in my head of a tall dark menacing figure standing near my bed, staring at us. I asked her to turn on the light and she said no, she felt like it was a demon. Spirits can’t do anything to you but demons can. We began to say the lord’s prayer and pray in tongues. The presence went away and we turned on the lights.

I still feel it, not as prominently as that night, but its still there.

Jane Deacon, Louisiana

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