The Return of the Living Dead

29 August 2017 | August 2017, Your Stories

This incident took place in the mid 1980’s. My mother died suddenly just a few weeks before this all took place. We were not terribly close as my parents had gotten a divorce during the 70’s. I was living with my boyfriend at his apartment. It was getting dark outside, and I had to go get my boyfriend from work at eight. I planned on cleaning and finishing my housework. I bent down to pick up something I’d dropped and standing back up I saw as clear as day, my mother just sitting in the corner of my hallway outside our bedroom. I only saw her for a split second. I even second guessed if I was seeing things, but it was just too real for me to conclude that it was my imagination.

After cleaning up I collected my boyfriend from work. I was freaked out, but not too scared because she didn’t really look scary or threatening, and she wasn’t doing anything but sitting there.

A few hours later my boyfriend and I were laying in our bedroom and I was telling my boyfriend about what happened, all of a sudden there was a boom and all the power cut out. What happened was that the breaker had tripped, and the box was wide open, and the breaker box was behind the chair I saw my mother in earlier that day. This freaked us both out and we basically just laid in bed the rest of the night.

Kay Anton, Idaho

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