The Black-Eyed Car Fatality

12 September 2017 | Black Eyed Kids, Your Stories

Heading to his car on the third floor of a parking garage when one of the guys from the conference he’d just attended, Doug, asked him to drive him around the block a few times. He said there were some freaky-looking kids hanging around his car and was hoping to kill some time while waiting for them to wander off. Jon let Doug in and they started cruising. When they neared his car, Jon saw the group Doug was talking about and agreed they were creepy.

Three kids, two boys and a girl, all gothed out. The girl looked about 15, the boys around 14 and 10. They were intense, but Jon described it as if he began itching behind his eyes and really needed to look at them. He stopped driving. The kids maneuvered around his car and the youngest one said, “It’s scary out there all alone, and we just wanted a ride home.”

Apparently, Doug had interacted with the younger one earlier and had agreed to drive him home, but the two older ones creeped him out and he changed his mind. Jon felt as if his heart was going to erupt from his throat as adrenaline raced through him. Doug said he was getting out of the car. As soon as he reached for the handle, it was like the children got older somehow, and he saw their eyes were solid black – no pupil, no iris, nothing. Just black. Jon threw the car into reverse and squealed the car backwards about 60 feet.

The kids began to pursue them, Jon took the car around the lot’s corners going around 30 miles per hour. He felt that they would die if he let those kids get in the car. He sped down three floors only to find the oldest boy was already at the bottom of the garage when they came out. They sped past him out of the garage and when Jon glanced in his rearview, the boy was gone and so was that menacing feeling that had been building inside him since making contact with those kids.

They waited a few minutes before going back and Doug was able to get in his car and head home. The black-eyed children were nowhere in sight. Upon leaving the garage for the second time that night, the menacing feeling returned. Jon was behind Doug’s car watching helplessly as it misjudged the time it would take to get through the intersection on a yellow light. Doug was struck by a truck and died instantly. Jon saw the three black-eyed children still lurking about two blocks away.

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