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15 September 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This is my friend’s story.

There is a Japanese crab restaurant and she works there as a part-timer. After she had worked there for a while, she heard many strange stories about the restaurant. The stories are about two ghosts that are there.

One day, one of the employees she knew saw a man entering the kitchen. He had never seen the man before, so he assumed he was a customer. He wondered, “What is he doing going into the kitchen?” So he told the owner about it.

“Oh, he’s not a customer”, the owner said. “He’s a ghost. We see him all the time.” The owner didn’t look scared at all. “He’s often here walking around,” he said.

The other story is about a woman wearing a kimono. Some employees talked about seeing her in the restaurant. My friend saw her, too. One night when she had finished her job, she, the owner, and another employee came out of the restaurant. It was 2:00 AM. Of course, they had turned off all the lights in the restaurant. However, she saw a red light shining through the window. She thought, “Did I forget to turn off a light?”

But she was wrong. She looked in the window and saw a woman wearing a kimono standing near the red light. My friend was very surprised, and told the other two.

“Really?” the owner said, and they all looked in the window. However, this time, there was no light and no woman.

–- Rika Egi

Extract from the terrifying book – Kanashibari: True Encounters With the Paranormal In Japan by Thomas Bauerle

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