Slender Man Outside Our Window

21 September 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When we first moved to the area back in the mid 1980’s, we were told some creepy stories that I presumed to be nothing more than old southern folklore.

We weren’t there for even a year when we experienced our first paranormal experience. My older daughter came running into my room late one night and told me she had heard something strange and thought someone was standing outside her bedroom window. She said she was almost asleep when she heard something tapping on her end of the house and then the window. As I explained earlier, this was an old neighborhood, so the chances of it being some teenage kid messing around were very small. Her bedroom light was off so we crept over to her window and after adjusting our eyes to the darkness, we could see something tall, dark and slender standing about 7 feet from the window. It appeared to be a man but then, a little too tall and lanky to be a person. We stood there whispering to each other because we couldn’t remember if there was a tree outside her room or not. The moon shed just enough light so that we could see something but couldn’t tell if it was someone or some “thing” standing outside her bedroom window. My husband noticed that I wasn’t in bed and got up to see where I was. He turned the hall light on, I motioned for him to turn it off. Once he turned it off, and we looked back in the spot, it was completely gone. No sign of anything standing there, not even a bush or a small tree. We were both freaked out and of course my husband just made a joke of it and summed it up to us girls and our wild imagination. I’m not so sure myself.

Jo Hanson, Tennessee

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