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26 September 2017 | Old hag, Your Stories

I posted on Facebook looking for people who had experienced the Old Hag – here are a few of the replies…

I’ve experienced sleep paralysis three times in my life, one very recently. It came immediately after I experienced dream looping, where I have this ground hog day effect, and I can’t wake up. In my dream, I dream that I’m dreaming and then wake up to find that I haven’t woke at all and this starts looping into a weird cycle. Once I wake, truly wake, I’ll have a physical paralysis and I can’t move yet everything is, like being drunk. This last time was bad. I actually threw up afterwards. I’ve been inquiring on dream walking, feeling that somehow there is a connection. I wonder if the paralysis is due to not fully coming back somehow.- Sheila Halverson

Only once thankfully. Mine was textbook so not noteworthy but it was awful none the less. I woke up unable to move and felt like there was a very evil presence in the room and that was terrifying. After about ten seconds it passed. Thankfully i had read exactly what it was so I came-to and knew it was just normal sleep paralysis that I happened to awaken in. – willow Waters

I experienced that one time. Someone was calling my name a woman and a man shaking me on my shoulder. I woke up from it and got a sleep paralysis. Thought I was being attacked. That was the only time. – Claudia Lujan

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