A Ghostly Maintenance Man

29 September 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This happened all in the first month or two when I first moved into my apartment back in November and December of 2012. There were three occasions where I’m pretty sure I had a strange experience.

When the first experienced happened, I was in bed and it must’ve been early, around eight o’clock A.M. I was woken up by the sound of someone pacing back and forth from my front door all the way to the middle of my hallway, which happens to be just across from my bedroom, and I could hear a faint male voice mumbling. I couldn’t quite make out what the voice was saying for some reason, but I I remember it sounded as though they were wearing wind pants and pacing quickly, three times. I was so scared, I froze, not wanting to open my eyes or move because I thought somebody broke into my apartment! After the third time I heard it pacing away toward the front door, I noticed there was no sound of the door opening or closing.

The second time happened maybe a couple of weeks later. It was similar to the first time, except I could begin to make out what was being mumbled, and it sounded like a man was pacing up to the hallway across from my bedroom, which is also where the thermostat is. I remember hearing it mumble out loud something about checking the thermostat. After that, I just heard it pacing back to the front door, and again, no sound of the door opening and closing. It just went away. Again, I was scared frozen, refusing to open my eyes or move to check it out.

The third experience happened around December, and similar to the previous experience, except this time, it entered my room, went up to my bed and even got into it! I felt the bed move and a depression in the mattress, and this time, it was mumbling things that sounded perverted. I just kept my eyes closed and hoped for it all to stop, and it did. I haven’t had anything like that happen again, and I still live in the same apartment after all this time.

Submitted by Carla

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