Halloween Case #2: Can A Ghost Move Into Your House?

03 October 2017 | Haunted houses, Haunted items, Haunted locations, Your Stories


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I live in a newly built house. To my knowledge there have been no deaths on this plot of land. There have been no graveyards in this area. My phone has been randomly turning off a lot lately. I’ll turn it on for a few minutes, and then it just turns off-the batteries fully charged and everything. I don’t know what’s wrong. Same with my laptop, only it won’t turn on until you’ve tried it at least five times.

I also feel an unknown presence everywhere in my house, but it’s the strongest in my room. I have absolutely no idea at all what it is, and I’m completely freaked out to be anywhere in the house by myself. Or, at least, when I am by myself, I just listen to music to keep the creaking and weird noises out of my head.

Whenever I am in my room reading by myself and there are no other noises, it sounds like an animal is in great pain underneath my bed. The only problem is, I don’t have any animals in my room. I have to turn on every light in every room I pass, and I am afraid to go to sleep at night. My closet has to be closed, my door open, and my night light on.

Recently I have been hearing footsteps around the house. Nothing too loud. Just gentle footsteps and tapping noises. But the weirdest thing happened to my friend. I had a friend staying over. We had eaten, were in my bedroom when she started screaming. I had no idea what she was screaming at. Later she told me that she saw a figure of a “person” standing behind me. I have no idea who this “presence” is. Can a ghost just move into your home?

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