Halloween Case #8 – When The Black-Eyed Man Strikes…

11 October 2017 | Your Stories

This October we are going to bring you some of the most interesting #true paranormal cases we can find. You can discover more true, terrifying accounts of the paranormal right here.

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A few years ago, now, I had stopped by at a place to have some breakfast before I went to work. I wanted to find somewhere quiet eat my cereal. I find a seat with just an older couple sitting to one side of me, and this one man, around his eighties, sitting to the other side eating what I can only describe as dog food out of a can. I sit down, put my bag on the floor and start eating.

A few minutes later the old man began mumbling things to himself. It was very faint, and I didn’t take much notice of it as he appeared to be a man who had a few problems and I didn’t want a confrontation with him.

As I sat there eating my breakfast his mumbling became louder. At this point I could fully understand what he was saying. He was talking about murdering people. Something about killing someone. Something about how he had a right to do it. The list of threats got longer, and longer about what he was going to do.

I thought, perhaps, he was reading a book, or on a cell phone. I mean it really was like a one-sided conversation. He would mumble. Stop. Mumble as though in answer and then go silent for a few seconds. I finished my breakfast and started drinking my milk because I still had plenty of time. All the time I’m sitting there wasting time he continues with the mumbling threats. Finally, he finished with his food. He gets up to throw the can away, and when he goes back to his seat, he packs up his bags readying to leave. I’m relieved. At this point, I’m thinking “This guy clearly has mental problems”. He was still mumbling the death threats as he’s messed up.

As he’s standing up, and packing up his bag to go, he looks at me, and I look at him. He has completely black eyes. I mean there wasn’t a spot of white in his whole eye and he said, “I’ll see you very soon, boy…. In hell,” and walked off. Just like that.

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