Halloween Case #27 – The Female Presence that Haunted the Green House

30 October 2017 | Audible Activity, Haunted houses, Your True Encounters

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When I first moved into the old house eight years ago, I was single and happy to score such a roomy place for such cheap rent. The owners were a lovely Japanese couple I had known for a long time. They were getting old and wanted to move to a newer, more convenient apartment that they could more easily manage. Since they knew me, they offered their big two-story house for relatively cheap rent, no traditional “key money” payment, and no need of a damage deposit. They trusted that I would take pretty good care of the place.


And it was a great place to live at first. The owners had gone against the usual Japanese conventional understated style and had painted the outside a verdant green, which made it easy to spot on the street. Inside, I had two floors with eight rooms, four bedrooms, large bath and kitchen, and it even had a full sized classroom attached where the owners wife had taught traditional Japanese calligraphy to school children.


The house was a great place to hold dinner parties with friends, and the band I was playing with could practice there if we went mostly acoustic and didn’t play too loud. It was a nice private place to bring girls. And most of all, it fulfilled my Midwest American need for space.


Then something that was sharing the space with me began to make its presence known. One expects an older house made of wood to mutter and groan as it warps and settles, but some noises began to be heard that didn’t match the description of the usual old house sounds. One floorboard next to the bed would creak incessantly as if someone were standing on it and pushing it nonstop with a heavy foot. Several times I would be awakened from sleep by a loud thwap! On my pillow next to my head, as if someone were saying, “Wake up and notice me!” Soon my pillow was getting thumped so often, I would simply shout out, “What do you want? I’m tired! Let me sleep!” and then I would roll over and ignore it. One night I heard the beating of a large set of wings flying through the dark, overhead, and I felt the rush of as they passed just above my face. I turned on the light expecting to see a bird, maybe an owl, or a bat that had somehow gotten into the house, but there was nothing there.


Many times, I felt myself touched, my head, hair, or arm stroked with what definitely felt like a feminine touch. I had experienced ghostly happenings before, so I just accepted what was going on and went on about my business.


Then I met my lovely wife, Tuesday, in the Philippines, married her, and brought her to Japan to live with me in the big green house. And the weird happenings began to escalate almost immediately.


The first month she lived there, my wife would have frightening nightmares every night that she slept in the bedroom. When she fell asleep in the living room, they didn’t happen. She began to be afraid of even going into the bedroom alone.


One lazy Sunday, my wife Tuesday and I both fell asleep in the bedroom, drowsing side by side on the bed. All of a sudden, my eyes snapped open and I found myself wide-awake, as if awakened by an alarm, my body tense as if to ward off an attack. I looked up to see a woman standing above my wife Tuesday as she slept, crouching low over her, with a gentle smile on her face. She was Asian-looking, perhaps in her early thirties. She had long black hair, and was wearing a red dress with black designs on the blouse and skirt.


Tuesday began to shout out in her sleep as another nightmare hit her, and the woman bent lower as if to touch Tuesday or caress her. Something about the slow silent way she moved made me very uncomfortable.


What do you want?” I shouted, and she looked up, smiled at me, and faded away from sight. Tuesday remained asleep, but her face was peaceful now, as the nightmare seemed to have gone away with the woman in the red dress.


The next day, I led Tuesday into the bedroom and attempted to talk to the ghost lady. Listen,” I said to the empty half of the room where I had seen her before, “we are living here now. I don’t know who you are or what you want, but we would like to live here peacefully and in comfort. We expect that you want the same. Please let us live here peacefully. Don’t bother us, and we won’t bother you.


After that, the nightmares stopped for a time, and Tuesday was able to sleep undisturbed in the bedroom.


In the following two and a half years that we stayed in the green house, we experienced many more strange encounters, not only with the lady, but with what seemed to be other presences as well. It would take too long to write about all of them, but I will list most impressive ones here:


One day as I was lying on the sofa in the living room, I looked up to see a woman with long black hair walking away from me into the bedroom. Thinking it was Tuesday; I began talking to her as she disappeared into the room. Then, through another door leading to the kitchen came Tuesday asking, “Who are you talking to?


Coming home one evening after work in a taxi, I looked up as the cab pulled up in front of our house. I saw a woman entering the gate to our house and assumed it was Tuesday. I paid the cab driver and rushed forward to greet my wife, only to find the gate closed, the front door locked, and no one there.


For a while, the floorboard next to the bed continued to squeak and groan without stop all night long as if someone were standing on it and kicking it with a shoe. After a few months, it stopped.


We began to hear the sound of someone moving around upstairs when there was no one there. The sound of walking and furniture being moved.


The board in the ceiling above the dining table in the living room then began to squeak incessantly as if someone were upstairs jumping on it.


For a period of about two months, we began to experience what we called “the midnight party” in our living room. During that time, on an almost nightly basis, at exactly 12:30 AM, two of the chairs facing each other at the dining table would begin to move and squeak as if two people were sitting in them, across the table from each other. Each time, the squeaking would last for exactly half an hour and then stop. As I have mentioned before, I have experienced ghostly happenings on many occasions, without feeling particularly threatened, but something about the midnight party frightened me very badly. At first, I would walk right up to the chairs as they moved, and stare at them, attempting to see anything that might explain what was happening, but I couldn’t bring myself to touch them to make them stop. I felt a cold chill run through my body, my hair stood up on end and I had to leave the room. After recurring every night for about two months, the midnight party suddenly stopped happening, and the chairs never moved again.


My wife Tuesday was relaxing on the living room sofa when she suddenly found herself unable to move. She then felt a pair of hands running up and down her leg, steadily stroking it with soft fingers. She tried to move, to make the hands stop touching her, but in classic kanashibari style, she struggled to get free, but could not. Finally, she screamed at the top of her voice. The hands went away and she was free to move. I was sitting across the room at the time, and was startled by her screaming. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me what had happened. In what may or may not be a related incident, shortly afterwards, she developed a blood clot, or deep vein thrombosis in that leg. Thrombosis is an old person’s disease, very rare in someone of the age of 28 as she was then. It required many trips to the hospital, intense medication, and made it difficult for her to walk or work for the next six months. She is sure the two incidents are connected. I am not so sure.


Tuesday had a particularly frightening dream in which she saw a woman standing across the street looking at her through the window. “I’m not leaving!” the woman shouted. “I am here to stay!” She moved closer until she was looking directly in the window at Tuesday. “I’m here to stay!” she shouted again.


We were eating dinner together, my wife Tuesday, our daughter and I, when suddenly the cap off an almost empty bottle of ketchup popped straight up in the air and flew across the room. Our daughter, being so young, laughed because she thought it was funny. For her sake, we laughed too, but I could see the uneasy look in Tuesday’s eyes.

Taken from Kanashibari: True Encounters With the Paranormal In Japan

By Thomas Bauerle


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