The Entity Paranormal Encounters #3: Did The Mothman Foretell Of An Epidemic in Mexico?

07 November 2017 | Your Stories

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On April 10, 2009, residents of La Junta in the Mexican state of Chihuahua began noticing a strange creature in their midst. He was very tall and hairy, with two expansive wings and wide, bloodshot eyes. The main witness was a young student at Universidad Regional del Norte, who claims that the strange humanoid chased him for fifteen minutes on the evening of March 6th. The young student reported that the creature chased him relentlessly. “Those were fifteen minutes of maximum despair,” said the student, who chose to remain anonymous during the interview.

It was during this time that the area began to see a rise in swine flu cases tied to the ongoing 2009 outbreak. Two other witnesses by the names of Angela Mendez and Viviana Ledezma claimed to have heard the creature in an apple orchard near Miñaca Cemetery. Some believers theorize that the creature terrifying the residents of Chihuahua was in fact the Mothman.

A joint mission was undertaken by members of the Police and Civil Defense of the Municipality of Guerrero in the State of Chihuahua. Socorro Rodriguez Erives reported that after researching several locations it was not possible to find the whereabouts of this strange entity. According to initial reports, the flying entity had its lair in the caves of the mountainous area of the Miñaca region. Despite their best efforts, no trace of the creature was found. Many think that it was just a myth, while others associate it with “Mothman”

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