The Entity Paranormal Encounters #5: The First Terrible Mothman Sighting

09 November 2017 | Your True Encounters

This November we are going to bring you some of the most interesting #true paranormal cases we can find. You can discover more true, terrifying accounts of the paranormal right here.

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The first recorded Mothman sighting took place on November 12, 1966, near Clendenin, West Virginia. Five men were in a cemetery preparing a grave for burial when they saw something they couldn’t explain. Lifting off from the nearby trees was a brown winged creature. The men held to the fact that what lifted off beyond the trees was no bird, it was a humanoid.

The Mothman is described as a bipedal, winged avian humanoid with owl-like traits. Despite it’s name which was given to it by newspapers, he is in no way moth-like. His coloration varies from Black, gray, to even brown or white, although it is usually the darker shades. He is often reported to be about seven feet tall, with a wingspan of about ten to fifteen feet or more, plus the ability to fly over one hundred mph. Sometimes the Mothman is described as not having a head, with the two huge red eyes set in the chest. These eyes are reported to be glowing, or at least reflective. One witness who saw the Mothman’s face clearly, could only say that the details were ‘horrible and monstrous.’ She had terrible nightmares and nearly suffered a nervous breakdown.

Anyone who gets a close look at the Mothman seems to suffer from extreme fear and psychological distress, sometimes lasting for months or years afterwards. People say that a sense of pure evil overcomes them when they see Mothman’s eyes.

When the Mothman flies, it unfolds it’s wings and shoots straight up with great speed, then levels out to go wherever it wants to go. It is rarely observed flapping its wings except for on take-off. Witnesses often described the Mothman’s flight pattern as “Straight up, like a helicopter“. It can fly much faster than any bird should be able to fly, as measured by those victims who suffered from what seems to be Mothman’s favorite activity: chasing cars. By all accounts the Mothman will fly in front of them and even sometimes hit at the roof.

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