My Doppleganger

17 November 2017 | Doppelgangers, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My wife and I have been fascinated by the paranormal since we got married. We enjoyed watching paranormal shows about ghost hunting and learning about the subject. We never thought we would share a paranormal experience which also involved our teenage daughter. This experience would have to do with what might have been a doppelganger. At the time, we did not know what these things were called or anything about them at all.

During the early years of our marriage we lived in a two bedroom apartment with our daughter. It was a summer afternoon and I had decided to go to the gym. Normally I would be there about an hour, give or take. I had been gone for just over 20 minutes according to my wife when it happened.

My wife was doing some house cleaning, vacuuming to be exact when our daughter came home from cheerleading practice. She greeted my wife and went to her room for a couple of minutes to drop of her gym bag before returning to the living room looking for me.

She asked my Wife where I was? She told our daughter I was at the GYM. My daughter asked, “Did he just leave” and to her surprise, My wife responded “No, he’s been gone almost 30 minutes. My daughter got scared and thought maybe her Mom was messing with her. “Don’t say that” she said! “I just saw him when I went to my room on the hallway. I greeted him and he answered me back.” He said “Hey” and actually passed right next to me…I felt him pass next to me and said hello by my name. I even had to move as he passed.” My daughter said I walked into our bedroom I never came out.

My wife reassured her I was gone and had not been back. Our daughter said she never saw my face because what ever that thing was, had it’s head down. She said it was definitely my voice and even described what I was wearing.

Our apartment had a narrow hallway that lead to the two bedrooms, hers was on the left and ours on the right. Anyone wanting to exit the apartment from the bedrooms would have to walk into the living room.

After I came home from the gym and heard what happened from my wife. I spoke with my still shaken daughter and reassured her I had been at the gym. Till this day, my daughter, whom now is a mother herself, gets freaked out about this experience.

It was years later when we learned about doppelgangers. We don’t what this was, a doppelganger or something else. What ever it was…it never happened again.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Isaac M.

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