Shaken, Not Scared: Roger Moore’s Experience With The Paranormal

17 November 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

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Several years ago, James Bond star Roger Moore spoke openly about his own experience with the paranormal. This is his account.

Sir Roger said: “I was frozen. I wanted to call out and scream, but couldn’t speak. I was numb—paralyzed from head to toe.

“I was sitting bolt upright in my bed and watching a white ghostly figure moving towards me.

“It was the apparition of a man. The shape of the body was clearly defined.

“There was a head, body and legs—but it was mist-like. I pulled myself together, somehow calmed myself and then tried to communicate with the ghost.

“I said softly: ‘What do you want? Are you troubled?’

“As I went to move from the bed the ghost disappeared—just vanished!”

The second night of his stay the apparition reappeared.

“It returned at the exact same time—about 2am,” Sir Roger said.

“I was petrified. I thought ‘It’s after me. What does it want with me?’

“I tried to make contact once again, but to no avail. It vanished again.

“In the morning, the room maid asked me, ‘Did you see the ghost last night, sir?’

“I replied, ‘Good heavens! How do you know about it? No—I didn’t see it last night.’

“She said: ‘I didn’t think you would.’

“I left the hotel—but often think about the incident. I never found out what it was all about.”

“When I went to the room on the third night, a bible—opened on the 23rd Psalm—was beside my bed. I hadn’t put the Bible there or opened it. But that night the ghost did not appear.

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