Paranormal Experience For The First Time In My House

29 November 2017 | Your Stories

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I have never really given the whole “paranormal” thing much thought. It’s certainly not an interest of mine. However, that may change, as my experience, as minor as it was, was rather conclusive to me that there are strange things happening all the time. I know for a fact what I saw was there.

It was early evening and I was working at the kitchen table with my laptop. My wife was in our bedroom getting changed. I usually put a couple of hours in after dinner before settling down with my wife to watch a movie, or TV show. I was just finished with a long and boring report when my computer completely shut off. Just a black screen. No big problem! That happens every now and again… but while waiting for my laptop to boot back up I noticed something standing behind me as I sat in my chair. I could see a torso and two arms very clearly in the screen. I turned around and nobody was there. I looked back at the laptop screen and nobody was there.

I went back to work. What else can you do? Later that night I was telling my wife about that little experience and she was telling me that the TV sometimes changes channels on her during the day. She thought it was an electrical fault. Now what is interesting to me is that my computer went off before I saw that thing… and it could be changing TV channels. Do ghosts have any control over power sources? I’d love to learn more about this.

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