Burned at the Queen Mary Ship

01 December 2017 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

On a cool day, my wife decided to enjoy our weekend by visiting the Queen Mary Ship in Long Beach, California. We live only about 40 minutes away from it and decided to make a day of it. The Queen Mary is a fascinating place, full of history and mystery. This ship was a trans Atlantic luxury cruise ship and during WWII served as a troop transport carrying thousands of US troops to and from Europe. She was painted grey and was named the Grey Ghost.

During one of it’s many missions, the Queen Mary accidentally crashed into one of it’s escort ships and literally split it in half, killing many sailors. After the war the ship eventually returned to being a passenger cruise ship with it’s black and red colors. The ship eventually was retired from service and now rests in Long Beach. It has now been transformed into a hotel and a popular place for banquets, weddings and many other social events. The ship is also a hot spot of paranormal activity with countless witnesses to those activities. It even has it’s popular HAUNTED TOUR attraction.

My wife and had signed up for the tour and had an hour before going to the designated area to meet the guide. We decided to look around the ship to kill some time. We made our way to the rear of the ship where there is an area dedicated to the troops that were transported. There were replicas of the rooms where they slept and their gear. It was a mini museum. As an Army veteran myself, I always enjoy such things.

My wife and I went our own ways as we looked through the displays and read the posted stories. We were never the less within eye view of each other. My wife was in front of the room replica of where some of the navy personnel families actually stayed in. Some wives and children actually went with their military husbands. Soon after that we decided to head to the meeting spot for the tour. As we made our way, my wife started to complain of a painful sensation on her left wrist. She was wearing a light sweater so she rolled up her sleeve and to our shock we saw what caused her pain. She had been burned by a cigarette. We saw the clear circle with ash. There were only a few other people there and I know for a fact NO ONE was smoking. We don’t smoke, never have. We were confused as to where this burn came from. My wife told me that while she was viewing the family displays, she said to the mannequins and photos of the wives of the sailors “You must have suffered”. Perhaps one of the many ghosts there took offense to my wife’s words, even though they were only said out of empathy.

We had to cut the day short and head back home because my wife suffered a strong migraine not long after this mysterious ghostly burn. As we drove off and made it into the freeway, her migraine started to disappear.

Submitted by Isaac M. to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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