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19 December 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Sometimes it is not what you can see but what you cannot see that makes a huge impact.

When I was young my family moved around a lot. Every few years we would pack up and move to another house, always in the hope that the next move would be the last and that we could set roots one day. Living in South Africa, we also had a lot of dogs for protection, these poor animals would also need to pick up roots every few years and follow us around, not that they seemed to mind all that much.

On this particular occasion we had moved to a new home that was close to my school. Usually, in order for us to make the move a little easier we would have someone stay at the old house and look after the dogs while we moved the furniture and got the house in order, and this time was no different. After almost 2 days of moving and packing and unpacking and cleaning we were finally ready to introduce our dogs to the home.

I was also pretty excited about the new place. As I said it was close to my school, my bedroom was nice and sunny it had a nice swimming pool and a decent sized garden. Of course, I felt a little uneasy as well, but that is kind of normal when you move to a new place. You kind of have to settle a bit and make it your home, build a memory or two before shipping off again.

My uncle set off to go a fetch the dogs and my dad got stuck into setting up the TV. After a few minutes he called me to the lounge and told me that he was going onto the roof to adjust the aerial and that I should monitor the TV and let him know when it gets clear. At that stage there was only static and for about 10 minutes there was no change, my father kept shouting down to me for a status check and every-time the same result. Eventually after about half an hour he came back down, flustered and sweaty with no change to the stations.

He proceeded to strip the aerial wiring for the back of the TV to make sure there was no break in the connection, but nothing seemed to work. Eventually he just gave up and turned off the set, mumbling under his breath about having to pay a technician after all the money we have just spent moving.

I went back to packing my room and after a few minutes heard my uncle arrive and heard the commotion of the dogs. They seemed to love coming to a new place, running around like crazy, sniffing everything and barking with excitement. It always put a smile on my face. Strangely though, today they seemed a little too excited. They were barking a lot more than usual and one of them seemed to be howling, which was not particularly normal.

After a while of this I was getting pretty distracted and decided to investigate.I left my room and found that most of my family were gathered in the lounge. My father was shouting at the dogs by now but they were not stopping and seemed to be progressively getting more violent.

When I arrived in the lounge, I saw that 2 of the dogs were barking ferociously at the TV, one of them was howling and another just sitting staring. A chill ran up my spine that could not be explained. The whole family seemed to be getting up in arms by now and there was a new tension there that did not exist before. There was no more excitement, just a sense of anger, a sense of bitterness.

I asked my dad what the dogs were barking at and he shouted that he did not know. I suggested that he move the TV out the corner, something that did not seem to occur to him before. As he moved toward it the dogs became much more agitated. Eventually though he was able to move it, and just as he did, two things happened almost immediately.

The first was that the TV turned on and with perfect signal and a clear screen and secondly the dogs skittered away running and yelping right out of the house.

My mom was always quite spiritual and took it as a sign to get out fast, and so after a long conversation with my dad she took the dogs and went back to the old house. I stayed in the new house one night, with nothing else happening, but the next day I found myself packing once again.

Submitted by Mark Tredway.

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