The Phoenix Poltergeist

30 December 2017 | Ghosts in the news, Poltergeist, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

A word scrawled on the bathroom wall in Hebrew – translated into English it says DANGER! That was the beginning of a truly paranormal Christmas for a family in Phoenix, AZ this year. Next, things began to move around in the kitchen and the family awoke to find all of the cupboards and drawers open. Then both bathrooms flooded.

Hewbrew writing on bathroom wall – from Rudy Caldernon’s Facebook page

“For the past few days our house that my grandfather, aunt, two cousins and myself have been living in has been ‘acting up,’ ” Rudy Calderon wrote on his Facebook on Christmas Eve. “We have been hearing noises, objects appear out of nowhere, they move around and yesterday all of our kitchen cabinets were left open. All doors were locked so no one could have gotten in and we tried to blame each other but then things got weirder.”

Video of the kitchen antics can be found here.

Poltergeist outbreaks seem to be on the increase and can be very scary events… This one so far, has been relatively harmless if annoying especially at Xmas.

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