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03 January 2018 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Your True Encounters

Just recently, there have been quite a lot of rather lurid news stories about women that claim to have sex with ghosts. It’s almost like 50 shades of wraith if you follow this stuff! This piqued my interest and set me off on a quest to discover the truth about paranormal sex. What is it? Can anyone do it? And, what might the consequences be? The funny thing is that I recently had a deeply unsettling experience myself on a train to Germany with the old hag that had a sexual aspect to it. So, with that in mind, I delved deeply into the old hag, succubi and incubi and shadow people finding all of them associated with sleep paralysis.

So, there was the explanation then – sleep paralysis, a state of body asleep but mind awake, was to blame for these terrifying phenomena. But wait. What about those who were left with bruises and physical marks from such experiences? Or those whose partners actually saw the smokey essence of some entity astride their partner? Or, who like me, could still see the old hag form long after I had freed myself from sleep paralysis?

What if, there exist entities that prey upon sleeping humanity for energy – fear or sexual energy? What if those entities were able to draw us from sleep into paralysis and then to have their evil way with us?

Paranormal Sex – Riding the Old Hag – out now on Kindle……..

You will never sleep again.

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