Haunted Fiddletown

22 January 2018 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Something draws me and my wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson to Fiddletown. We received all kinds of reports of haunted activity at Fiddletown. But, you are probably wondering where is Fiddletown? Fiddletown is about 45 minutes away from Sacramento, close to the town of Jackson, CA. Fiddletown was settled in 1849 by Missourians who came to California because of the California Gold Rush. Fiddletown had its share of mining camps and trading centers. In the 1860 census, the Chinese community in Fiddletown was up to 2000. Fiddletown got its name because of Dry Creek. Dry Creek would run dry in the Summer months and the miners basically didn’t work in the Summertime, because they had no water from Dry Creek. People would say they just fiddled around, henceforth was born the town’s name. A local citizen was embarrassed by the name and lobbied to have the name changed to Oleta, the name of his daughter in 1878. The residents didn’t have it and changed the name back to Fiddletown. Fiddetown has one notable resident, his name is Leon “Whitey” Thompson (1923-2005). Whitey was a former inmate at Alcatraz and author. A nice place to stop at is the Chew Kee Store Museum, State Registered Landmark #35. This museum was once a herb store during the gold rush and is now a museum. The store was built by Yee Fung Cheung. Yee received his 15 minutes of fame for saving the life of then Governor Leland Stanford’s wife from pulmonary disorder. Mr. Cheung saved her with his herbs.

Now that you got the history of Fiddletown, let’s talk about the paranormal activity that happens in this historic town. Whitney Collins of Jackson, CA says that while walking through the town with her husband she came upon a floating white mist. The floating white mist followed them for about 300 yards. If they turned a corner, the mist would turn a corner. Before it vanished, it actually tapped Whitney on her shoulder. Entity Identified: Fiddetown Floating Mist.

Other visitors have seen pinkish type of orbs going in and out of bushes. Matt Tyler of Copperopolis says that his grandmother once told him they are “Pinkies”. Matt’s grandmother says that the Pinkies, a type of fairy was brought to Missouri and finally to Fiddletown by August Templar, a miner. August captured the Pinkies in Ireland and it is said if you capture a Pinkie, it will bring you good luck. August was able to gain a considerable amount of wealth by mining gold. After he hit an amount that he felt comfortable with, he then retreated back to Missouri. Elemental Identified: Pinkies.

Some residents have made claim that they have seen the ghost of Leon “Whitey” Thompson walking around in the open fields. Whitey looks like he is looking for something in the fields and at times looks frustrated. While watching Whitey, he will dissipate into nothingness. Ghost Identified: Whitey. Meg Batista claims that during Fall, people will claim that they see a large black dog, that looks similar to a Rottweiler. The big black dog will bark and at times howl. Meg while visiting, says that on one particular night, she was scared to death, because this big black dog was viciously chasing her son. When her son fell down and he thought the dog was going to be on top of him, he looked up and there was no dog around. Cryptid Identified: Monster Dog.

Some residents claim that they hear muffled disembodied voices around the Chew Kee Store Museum. Some other residents claim that they had their hair pulled and even been touched at the Chew Kee Store Museum. One resident said while walking around the building, an entity pushed him. He could feel the entity’s hands on his chest. As he continued to walk, it pushed him again, but this time he felt one hand on his shoulder pushing. The 3rd and final push was a hand to the face. He thinks he may have provoked a spirit, because he was complaining to his wife about driving to Fiddletown and that he was not impressed by the Chew Kee Store Museum. He feels he may have insulted the ghost that hangs out at this museum. He even says it could have been the ghost of Yee Fung Cheung.

A hunter who does not want to be identified, claims that while hunting squirrels near North Fork Dry Creek near Fiddletown, he came across what he thought was a white mist. He just got done cursing a bit, because he missed his shot on two squirrels. The white mist approached him and then disappeared. After the white mist disappeared, he was attacked by flies. Flies started landing on his arms, neck, face and head. It got so bad, he ran away from the area and jumped into his truck. The flies came through an open window and some of the flies remained in his truck as he drove away.

With all of the reports of haunted activity in Fiddletown, my wife and I, will be investigating Fiddletown and interviewing some of the residents and we will see for ourselves, what is truly going on in Fiddletown. Stay tuned.

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