UFO in my front yard

23 January 2018 | Your True Encounters

This is my first time ever submitting something like this let alone telling this story.

There are only a few people that have heard this story mostly due to me being afraid of being thought of as crazy or people not believing that this story is true. In the early nineties, when I was about 11 years old, I lived in Gulfport Mississippi. On one particular night my parents and I were returning home, roughly about 6:00 pm from having dinner at one of the recently developed casinos. Once home, Mom and dad headed inside while I decided to play outside a bit. As I was pointlessly hitting a tree with a stick, as most boys do, I heard a humming sound behind me. I turned around to see where the sound was coming from I noticed something in the sky, as I focused my eyes in the dark I froze in terror as I realized it was some sort of air craft hovering maybe 50 feet directly over my house. It was oval in shape with lights that mimicked chasing lights (the type you get for a Christmas tree) that started on each end of the oval then met on either side in the middle and then back again. The ships underside was shiny black but that only reflected light not images. It was completely still in the sky, like it was observing me. I didn’t know what to do. If I ran away it was sure to catch up with me and the other option was I would have to run toward the ship to get to my house which was the closest shelter. Adrenaline kicked in and I ran toward the house as fast as I could all the while keeping an eye on the ship. I burst in the door turned around and locked it. I looked around and my parents are both watching TV eyes glued to it. They didn’t even raise their gaze when I came in. This was not like them at all. I frantically explained to them the situation outside but still neither of them lifted their gaze from the TV, just brushing it off as it was probably an airplane or something. This was very odd behavior from my parents it was like they were hypnotized or something. My parents were very attentive loving people and normally in any other situation especially if they saw I was visually distressed they would be concerned about my wellbeing and help me. Ten minutes later I was finally able to convince my father to step outside but of course it was long gone by then.

Years later in 2006 I was having a casual conversation with the father of my then girlfriend about science fiction and he mentioned that he witnessed a UFO once when he was young and ever since he was obsessed with stories of encounters. So this gave me an opportunity to share my story. At the end of my story he mentioned that there were many similar UFO sightings in the south in the early 90’s of the same type of craft that I witnessed. Has anyone heard or experienced something similar to this?

Blake Lacy submitted to Weird Darkness and this site.

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