La Lola: The Vengeful Female Spirit of Northern Chile

06 February 2018 | January 2018, Your Stories

The hills of Northern Chile are not safe for men walking alone at night.  A female spirit known as La Lola stalks the night, lost and enraged over the murder of her husband….but that’s only where the story ends.

It seems there was once a young woman named Dolores who was never at a loss for suitors as her father was extremely wealthy.  She was beautiful and the men called her “Lola”, but her father was very protective and did his best to keep the men at bay.  Only the perfect man would do for his beloved daughter.

One day, Lola met a handsome young man, and fell in love at first sight.  But the man was a poor miner.  Her father would never accept him.

Blind with love, Lola ran away with the young man.   They soon fell in with a group of his fellow miners and before long, the young man struck gold.  Finally wealthy, they returned to Lola’s father who reluctantly gave his blessing upon their marriage.  Lola would soon discover, however, that though she loved him dearly, he did not return that love.

The husband went out every night, carousing with friends and sleeping with other women.  It happened so often that Lola was driven mad with jealousy and broken by her abused love. Discover what happened next by reading the full article here.

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