The Haunted Houston Movie Theater

17 February 2018 | Your True Encounters

About eight years ago I had moved to Houston Texas. I didn’t know many people but I was religious at the time, I joined a church. One of the members of the congregation worked at one of the Edwards theaters in town. He invited me to come to a movie as he could sign in a guest on days he was working.

I decided to go see the movie “The Help” while it was in theaters. I was very excited because I had been looking forward to seeing this film. I went to the theater and picked out a seat in the middle of one of the empty aisles. As more people filed in, one person decided to sit three seats down from me. This was the only person who anywhere near me in the theater at all. About half way through the movie, I felt a tug on my shirt. I thought it was the person next to me playing a joke on me, but when I looked over, the other patron was still 3 seats away from me fully immersed in the movie. I think I’m just imagining things, and go back to watching the film. About 20 minutes later as I’m watching the movie, I feel another tug on my shirt and by now I’m pretty angry, so I look over again, but the only person near me is the same patron, three seats away. I go back to watching the movie, still annoyed and suspicious of the person still seated three seats away from me.

Fast Forward to a few months later and my friend who worked at the theater started talking about the ghosts in the theater. He was very animated about this and told me about several different events that have happened more than once. To add some background to the area – the complex that the theater is built on what used to be a very large steel mill. There were supposedly several industrial accidents on the site over the years that it was still operational.

My friend told me that there have been a few sightings of a solider who is seen crawling up the stairs, then disappears into a wall. This soldier has been seen by different individuals according to my friend. He also said that people tend to feel uneasy if they see the specter, and come out to notify management. By the time management gets to the specific auditorium, the soldier is gone.

Other patrons have reported having their clothes tugged on as I had while watching movies, and there have been employee reports that the projection booth also has unexplained activity involving tugging on clothes.

It’s been a few years since I moved away from the Bayou City, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget that theater.

Also – I’m including a link to an interview done by one of the managers that my friend worked with, it talks about the soldier.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Christi Butler

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