These Women Have Ditched Real-Life Men To Have Sex With Ghosts

20 February 2018 | Your Stories

Have you ever thought about finding true love with a paranormal lover? Apparently… women in the United Kingdom are now looking for love on the other side. A British newspaper has reported that these women have apparently ditched their men in favour of sex with ghosts.

No, seriously…

In the past few days not one but two women have come out to share their experiences of paranormal passion.

And it appears that once you go ghost, you never go back.

A woman claims she had “amazing” sex with the ghost of a 19th century man while another says she left her fiance for a string of ectoplasmic encounters.

Amethyst Realm, a 27-year-old spiritual guidance counsellor from Bristol, said she will “never go back to men” – because spirits leave her more satisfied.

She claims to have had sexual encounters with 20 different ghosts since leaving her fiancé for one 10 years ago.

She now hopes to find a ghostly lover to settle down with.

During a bizarre appearance on ITV’s This Morning, Amethyst described what it was like to have sex with a ghost and how she would entice paranormal beings into her home by wearing lingerie.

“It started off as an energy,” she told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

“I guess, as I got used to it, it became more physical and I started to feel pressure on my thighs, on my arms as well as breath on the back of my neck.

“It always felt safe.”

Amethyst’s fiancé, who worked away from home for weeks at a time, discovered she was ‘cheating’ when the ghost apparently showed its physical form to him – something which she herself had never seen.

“He came home from work a day early and he says he saw the shape of a man through the spare bedroom window when he pulled up,” she explained.

“I think it was in love with me too and it wanted me to end the relationship.”

A stunned Phillip and Holly wondered how the spiritual guidance counsellor could tell her ghostly “lovers” apart.

“You can always feel the difference, it’s the same with different humans, they have different energies,” Amethyst added.

“I have got no interest in men now. I have done a bit of research into phantom pregnancies and there are possibilities where you could have the ghost of a child within you but people don’t know how to carry it on to full-term.”

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