Paranormal investigator ‘thrown across room’ by angry child ghost while trying to comfort his ‘possessed’ wife

23 February 2018 | Your Stories

Rebecca Palmer, who is married to ghost hunter Sean Reynolds, claimed to be possessed by the spirit of a dead child.

Panicked by her behaviour, Sean tried to comfort her as she started to cry out ‘Where’s my mummy?’ while clutching a doll in fear.

But in the bizarre footage, as Rebecca’s husband reaches out to his wife, he appears to fall suddenly to the floor.

Sean, however, claims that he was ‘thrown across the room’ by the ‘static energy’ emanating ghost of the dead child.

The couple were at the New Mills Art Theatre in Stockport, Greater Manchester, filming for their paranormal investigation series after sightings of ‘shadow figures’ in the 100-year-old building.

Although the terrifying incident left mum Rebecca shaken, she said she felt honoured that a spirit had chosen her as a vessel.

Rebecca, 34, from Liverpool, said: “As soon as we walked in the room, I could feel there was something different in there, a different kind of energy.

“I kept asking the others ‘do you feel that?’ but nobody else could sense anything.

“Then I started to hear a voice – a little kid saying something. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but it was definitely a child’s voice. I could hear them chatting and laughing.

“I asked but nobody else could hear it, I felt like I was going mad. Then suddenly this happened.

“I can’t remember much of what happened. I remember I felt like a child but it was all a haze.

“When I came out of it, it felt like when you have been dreaming and you remember fragments but can’t piece it all together.

“It was quite frightening. I couldn’t stop shaking and I felt really weak and drained.

“When we were going around the rest of the rooms I felt the little girl was still with me, following me. I kept getting waves of how she was feeling, she was so sad.

“As a mum, it was really difficult knowing I had been taken over by the spirit of a child who had died. It really did affect me emotionally. It was really upsetting.

“Even though I was very shaken after the event, I felt empowered and honoured that an actual spirit had chosen me as a vessel to communicate with.

“It was so shocking watching the video and seeing what had gone on.

“I couldn’t believe the energy had been so powerful it had knocked Sean off his feet and thrown him away from me. Why would it do that? It is so strange.

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