Ten of Scotlands Most Chilling Ghosts

24 February 2018 | Your Stories

If you like the thrill and chill of a good ghost story then you’ll adore Scotland’s rich mine of dark spirit tales. Forged over centuries, Scotland’s rich storytelling tradition has left a mass of scary yarns to choose from.

They include the poltergeist of a former Lord Advocate who lives in an Edinburgh graveyard to a ‘monster’ who hides out in a secret chamber of an Angus castle which is linked to the Royal family.

Here were look at nine of the most chilling ghosts of Scotland – and where believers might find them.

1. The Apprentice, Rosslyn Chapel, Midlothian This working church was built for the Sinclair family in the 15th century with flames said to flicker for in the burial vaults when the death of a family member drew near. An apparition of the apprentice who carved the famous Apprentice Pillar and was then murdered by his teacher can sometimes be seen or hear in the vaults of the chapel made famous by the Da Vinci Code, according to tradition.

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