The Ghost of Allan

26 February 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I was a child my father, and I lived in a old clapboard house with my aunt, her husband and three children. One day it was raining very hard.I went out of the porch just watching the rain. As I was watching the rain I became aware of a boy in the old abandoned house next door.

This boy was watching me, and seemed to know who I was because he started singing the old song ” I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair” but he substatuted my name for Jeanies.
His name was Allan. It turns out that Allan lived not very far from my aunts house with his many brothers. We became fast friends.

My father after a time purchased a gas station, this gas station had an attached house to it. We moved from my aunt’s house to the gas station. My mother and father were steparated, they patched things up, and she moved in with us.

Every day Allan would come over and profess his love for me, with wild flowers or candy. I just ignored these professions of love, I was eleven years old! What did I know of love? Then one day Allan just stopped coming over. I really didn’t think much of this. I had plenty of things to occupy my time. Like driving my fathers truck around town (yes I started driving at nine) or swimming in the Suwannee river, and various ponds around the area.

The gas station was also a general store, every night at closing I would help my dad with counting the money from the register, stocking shelves ect. The station was set in between a fork in the road, with the main road coming right towards the station. One night my dad and I are counting the register, we see a car approching down the main road. As the car approches one of the headlight goes out. My dad say’s ” looks like someone may have hit a deer”.

When you are traveling down this road you can either take a left at the road that goes to the swamp ( The Okefenokee swamp) or go left or right by the station on the fork. The car makes the left turn on the swamp road, when it does there is a horrible scrapping noise. The car stops dead then backs up, when it backed up to mine and my dad’s horror a mangled blue bicycle falls off the front of the car. My dad turns to me and me to my dad, and in unison we say ” Oh my god he has killed one of the Mercer boys”! Why we would both say the same thing at the same time, to this day I have no idea.

The Mercer family did not have much money there were four boys in that family, they all shared the use of this one bicycle. As soon as the statement was made about the killing, my father took action, and I followed. He jumped in his truck, and we went to the accident site. As we got there we knew the man who had hit the bicycle, he was leaning on his car sobbing like a baby. He just was saying ” I didn’t see him, I didn’t see him”. My father had a friend name Chuck who lived not very far from us down the swamp road, my dad says to me go get Chuck. I might add that there was not a body or an injured person to be found.

I ran down the road as fast as my feet would carry me, banging on Chucks door screaming for him to come help as quick as he could. Chuck and I ran back to where the car was. That is when the search for whoever was hurt begain. The Swannie river ran down both of the sides of the highway, there are huge enbankments there, and also a bridge. These embankments we had to search, we searched and searched. We did not find anyone, then over an area that had been searched many times that night, Chuck yells out in the dark that he found him! He had stumbled over him. To my horror the him was Allan, it was plain that he was dead. By this time the family had been called. A state trooper was the first to arrive, and when the ambulance got there, for the family’s sake he stated “He is alive lets get him in the ambulance. Sadly Allen was not alive, his skull was crushed.

To this day I do not know how we missed his body on that search, it just was not there then all of a sudden it was. Allan was pronouced DOA once they arrived at the hospital, that I might add was 30 miles away, he just didn’t stand a chance. After the pronoucment of death, my father, and I went home. After awhile I went out to the dark station to get a coke… I guess I was in shock I had no emotion over the accident yet. I go out into the station to get my drink, the station had two huge picture windows in front, well someone had parked the car that was envolved in the accident right in front of these window. The hood had blood all over it, with a big dent where Allan’s head made impact.. I lost it..

As the day’s went on, back in those day’s the body would be brought to the families house for viewing, the first day of the viewing I walked to the Mercer house, got there fine… His mother was so overwrought, I felt so bad for her, and also my own pain. While I was there she started to tell the story of what happened that night…

Her story was that yes she had brought Allan to the river to go fishing with her. Once there he asked her if he could come to our house, and to the store. His mother knowing the history of him stealing from my father, she asked him if he had any money. He stated that he did not, then she told him that he could not come without money.

She stated that she continued to fish, and before she knew it he as up on his bike and gone. While he was gone, she heard a terrible crash. In her heart she knew it was her son Allan. She even called out Allen Allen, then she heard his voice say I am find mama. So she thought nothing more about it. Of course at this point he was already hit by the car, injured or dead.

The hospital had sent home his bloody clothes in a brown shoppin bag, she showed me these clothes, and they were unwashed bloody and they stank, I almost got sick to my stomach, made my excuses and headed home. To walk home I had to go down that dirt road that was at lease a mile long or longer in the middle of the woods. As I was walking I felt that some one was watching me. I was hearing noises in the woods following me. At one point I turned around and there he stood, in the clothes I had just seen in that bag, a red and black flannel shirt, and a pair of blue jeans.

He just stood there and didn’t say a word, he as transparent like particles that you could see through. It scared me so bad I ran all the way home as quick as my feet could carry me. I did not tell anyone, not my mother, my dad, or friends.

After Allen died, about 3 years later, we moved to Mayport Florida. We lived in a trailer park, out trailer had an outside light that had a short in it. It would blink on and off, you would simply go out and jiggle it and it would stop blinking. One night my parents went out to dinner, a friend of mine with the same name Sheila agreed to stay with me while my parents went out.

While we are playing around, listening to music, the outside porch like begain to flicker, I opened the door and reached up and started to jiggle the bulb,and there he was! Allan was standing right under the light, in those samd red flannel shirt and blue jeans. I was in shock I could not say a word, I could not talk, I could not move.

The I head my fathers truck pull in, that broke my silence, I began to scream, I ran to my dad’s truck screaming and crying. My dad is like what in the world id wrong I said oh my God dad, I just saw Allan, my dad answered ” yes I have seen him also.

Submitted by Sheila Pugh to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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