Struggles with Sleep Paralysis….

02 March 2018 | Black Eyed Kids, Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Not sure where to begin on this, but I’m writing tonight because I came across a story while reading about shadow people.

I now know what I saw one night back in 2010. But my story is strange. I read where the BEK wanted in but my encounter, he was already in. Now let me back track a little since I was a kid I seen ghosts and heard noises. That being said, I’m not and never have been a believer in ghosts even though my friends and I have seen things, I tend to believe it’s a mind trick or maybe something else. I grew up with and still have what is called sleep paralysis. I have seen many things during those moments – a gorilla clawing at my window growling while coming in to stand next to me, to what appears to be a 2 foot-tall demon what I found out has something to do with seizures which I suffer from.

That house had a basement that as a kid I refused to go into. I was 6 when I went down there and after that day never again! I went down to get a toy my mom had put down there cause I had not listened so she put it in the one place she knew I wouldn’t go, but I did and as I got to the bottom there was a group of people dressed in cloaks or gowns and they all turned they were standing in a circle in the middle of basement. 2-days later that house burnt down.

When I was 12 and I was deathly sick, I woke up to be surrounded by the brightest light possible. I realized I was floating and had levitated to the ceiling and was right up against my ceiling light. I could hear a noise outside. I looked and saw a tall man with black long coat and hat walking up my walkway outside my room and he began to knock at front door. I yelled for my parents and I got out of bed wanting to let him in, but something struck me and made me afraid and I quickly changed my mind. As my mother went to unlock door, I screamed out don’t open door please. They told me there was no one. I was just seeing things because I was running high fever. The tall man didn’t look like a shadow person, but it made me think of the first time I played a ouija board with my aunt and uncle earlier that year. I played it, but I never believed any of it. But when I went to bed that night, I woke to the shadow man standing above me and anyone who has ever been really scared knows that it’s almost like an elephant is sitting on you that keeps you from screaming.

As the years went on, I became obsessed with the supernatural trying to debunk it and trying to understand why I was seeing the things I was seeing. When I was 17 I saw the bright light again. I woke to find a person standing next to me. Solid white and bright like a light was illuminating her body inside. She came to me and got on top of me to what I call a rape.

Then things got weird when I turned 30. My girlfriend and friends would go on ghost hunts – cemetery’s to old houses to abandoned mental hospitals, and that’s when things took a turn. We all went in an abandoned mental hospital and took picture and evps. I even found a ring that I brought back as we were all done that night we all met back at my place and looked at pics and in one pic there is someone standing in corner and what appears to be people looking out of their rooms. That picture scared all in the room but me because I didn’t want to believe.

As time went on what appeared to be running started in room upstairs – a room that was for the kids. Then one night, I get up out of bed and my dog is walking beside me we come out of the bedroom to go to kitchen, the dog stops and runs away. I look and on the stairs is a kid wearing clothes that look like something from a long time ago. A black dress coat with black shorts with the white shirt, but his eyes had nothing but black and above him, at the top of stairs, is a old man standing. I run I get my girlfriend. She comes to look and they are gone.

That’s the story of the black eyed kid – I never let him in like other stories say.

Through the years still suffered from seizures and sleep paralysis. I don’t know what to make of it.

Submitted by Michael

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