I Wish it Would STOP!

05 March 2018 | Haunted houses, Your True Encounters

This has been going on a long time and I’ve been trying to find help but no one believes me.

I need to preface this by saying i’m a writer so just cause it might not look written by a scared teenager that’s why.
But also i’m not a very good writer so if it doesn’t seem ‘professional’, that’s why.

Anyway my house has been the home of a spirit of some sort for as long as I can remember.
Now I know what you’re thinking, and no this isn’t the normal “I noticed a ghost in my house but that’s it” kind of thing,
this is a “Whatever is in here hates me” kind of thing.

I’m not sure how to start this all so I guess I’ll state some facts

#1, This is all true.
#2, Whatever this thing is scares me.
#3, It won’t stop.
#4, I need someone to believe me.

Like I said, this has been happening for as long as I can remember. The first time I noticed anything, I was home alone. Now when I say ‘home alone’ I mean I was now old enough to be home alone, I was very little and very afraid. I remember sitting on my parents bed watching t.v. and hearing footsteps outside the door. I hadn’t heard any cars pull in so I looked out the window and saw that I was right. I’ve always had pets but it was definitely human footsteps

Footsteps are the common thing to happen, along with things getting moved, pets acting strange. And more recently, it’s been invading dreams/nightmares.

Now I know i’m more sensitive to this stuff than my family is, but when I bring any of this up, they act like i’m crazy, or making it up. And trust me I wish I was making this up.

After the incident with the footsteps, it became a normal thing for me, but then my cat started acting odd. Especially when he was in my room. I remember one night I was trying to fall asleep and my cat sleeps in my room so he was on my bed with me. Then he starts staring at something, which is weird but whatever he’s an old cat. But he stands up and starts meowing without looking away from the random spot on the opposite wall. Which kinda freaked me out not gonna lie. But then he starts running around my room and acting crazy and making tons of noise then he bolts out of my room. He didn’t come back to sleep in my room for a week.

Things like this had been happening all around my house for years, but more recently it seems more directed at me. A few months ago a friend of mine had the idea to do a small cleansing of the house. We were at my house alone and decided that was the best time to do it. We ‘blessed’ some water and put mint in it, we walked all over the house, flicked it in the corners and we said a prayer as we went.

And for a couple hours it seemed lighter and the air felt clearer. But then things got worse…

After that I was home alone, at the time I worked 12 hour shifts in a warehouse, I liked taking baths to relive muscle pain. I was in the bath tub and I had a bottle of sage essential oil, I loved putting it in the water, it helped me relax. Well I had been completely still for about five minutes and all the sudden the bottle got roughly knocked over. That freaked me out but things like that had been happening for years. After a couple more minutes I got sleepy out of nowhere, I closed my eyes but I didn’t think I was actually falling asleep. It’s all a bit fuzzy and muddled but I remember standing in another room of my house, but I didn’t remember getting out of the tub. But then I woke up in the bath tub. This happened quite a few times and every time i’d be in a different part of my house, and I wasn’t alone. Someone would always be standing next to me but I never looked up, I was always staring at my feet and could only see a arm and hand. But then I would suddenly wake up again. I realized how unsafe it was for me to be dosing off in the bath tub so I used what little strength I had after just having woken up and heaved myself up. I was still extremely tired but I dried off and went to my room and fell right asleep again.

I woke up later that evening in a panic, I had missed some evening plans because of my unexpected nap. The whole house was dark and I was still alone, I laid in bed a bit longer to text my friends and say how sorry I was that I missed our plans. I heard heavy footsteps coming up my loud and creaky stairs, I had hoped my dad had come home form work. But I kept looking out my door to see him walk past my door to his, but he never did. Now you have to understand that you didn’t just not hear someone when they came up the stairs. These stairs were loud as hell and no it wasn’t any pets, trust me you can tell the difference.

And now a couple weeks ago whatever lives in this house scratched me.

I was sitting home alone waiting on my boyfriend (who also has a gift for noticing these kinds of things) to come over. I’m one of those teenagers who can sit on her phone for hours so I hadn’t gotten up in a while. But then my brothers puppy (who lives inside the house) woke up and started losing his mind. he got up on the back of the couch and looked out the window and kept barking. Then the older outside dog started going nuts too, I got up to look out the door cause I thought my boyfriend was early but I didn’t see any cars. The dogs weren’t barking at each other but I had no idea what it could’ve been. As i’m looking out the door the back of my leg starts to burn, but not enough to truly concern me for whatever reason. So I go and sit back down and the dogs start to chill. While i’m sitting my leg starts to burn even more so I look at it and I saw three perfect scratch marks on the back of my calf. My heart sank. I took a couple pictures and starting sending them to friends who knew about my situation so I wouldn’t feel crazy.

Later when my boyfriend showed up I showed him my leg and he agreed it was weird.

When he went to the bathroom later that night he came back out and said “Remember who you were telling my about the trapdoor covered by floor in the bathroom?” I said that yes I did and he asked if it was right next to the bathtub, I asked how he knew that he said he “saw a blue colored ribbon of smoke” coming up from the floor in that spot. I couldn’t believe it! Finally someone else knew something was here!

And now, we had a house fire.

It happened when I wasn’t home. I got a call from my dad around four in the morning to my dad saying the house was on fire. No one got hurt and most of the house was okay, but my room got destroyed. The Fireman said it was due to ‘faulty wiring’ and my whole wall was ripped down to avoid it causing another fire. I was beyond pissed. I was telling a friend of mine about it and he said he could see a man in one of my pictures of the room, this friend is an empath and said the man he saw hates me.

Now I had never said anything about my situation to this particular friend. We once worked together but didn’t see each other much outside of work, so what he said freaked me out.

Since the fire I haven’t really been living in that house, i’ve been staying with my boyfriend. I still go back to the house every now and then to see my pets but every time i’m there, I feel threatened. It’s hard to explain but it just feels like i’m not welcome or wanted by the house if that makes sense?

I just don’t know what to do about this situation anymore..

I’m afraid it’s never gonna stop.

I just wish someone could help me.

Submitted by Dannie


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    One thought on “I Wish it Would STOP!

    1. I know what you meant “Dannie”! The house is simply haunted. Some ghosts or evil spirits for any unknown reason love to threaten someone like you, some others picked on anyone entering that house. It could be that the evil spirit passed away,but did not want to let go of his/her assets, and thus that ‘entity” keeps an eye on the house as if it was still his/her property.
      In short, you need to find someone to exorcise there to chase the haunting spirit away, or you will never be left in peace.
      Before you can find that person to help you, why don’t you go there with some other friends or relative, and tell the spirit that even if the house could have been his/her property at one time, it was sold many times, and you are now one of the owners of the house. Tell him to leave you alone, and that you meant no harm to him/her,but if he/she keeps hurting you physically (like the scratch), or psychologically, you will take action. Once you have said that to the spirit, be prepared to have adverse situation against you. Yet, if you really want to claim your rights, be firm, hang in there and find an exorcist. Try not to ever be there alone, since you are apt to get those threats.
      The more people there, the more positive energy to overwhelm the negative one of the evil, if that makes sense to you. Good luck!

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