Melissa’s Darkness Follows Me

12 March 2018 | Demons, Old hag, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My experiences started when I was very young. I remember being a child and having to share a room with this little girl named Melissa. My mother was a nurse and she always took care of sickly foster children. Melissa was one of these children who had a rare birth defect. I knew the truth of what caused her illness because she brought it with her when she was born.

It came late one night as I lie in my bed, close to sleep. My new little sister slept in her crib near the middle of the room. She had rustled for a while before falling asleep, but the room was now quiet and the absent of sound was noticeable. I look over towards my bedroom window and see something strange. A chill of terror ran through my body. A shadowed silhouette was so dark, as if it was created out of darkness itself showed against the light from outside. I held my breath as I watched the shadow of a tall Nosferatu like creature move closer to my little sister’ crib.

I knew it was not a man in the way it moved. Slowly the tall the creature moved without making a sound. The sound was so absent it rang in my ears. The Darkness ever so slowly leant over Melissa’s crib. Long fingernails emerged from a sleeve moving towards her sleeping body. There was something instinctively telling me that this Darkness was not from this world. I knew that it did not care that I had seen it. That perhaps it’d been seen many times before and knew that a child’s mind would forget it as they aged. I could never forget this. Its nails dug deeper into the crib and Melissa began to scream. I covered my head with the sheets terrified it would kill me. I felt helplessly frozen in fear. A few moments later, Melissa’s screams stopped and then she just cried. I carefully lifted the sheet from my head and saw that the darkness was gone. Only an empty room with her and I. I jumped out of bed and ran to my sister’s crib hushing her. Tears streaming down her face. I leaned over the crib and touched her tummy softly and told her it was okay, that the thing was gone. I shushed her and rubbed the tears from her eyes. I rubbed her tummy gently for a few minutes until she fell back to sleep. I looked around my room and it was just me and her. I lay on my back staring towards the window. I wiped my tears from my cheek. I tried sleep hoping that thing I saw would never come again.

Day and weeks passed and shortly after Melissa. The memory of Melissa and that night had began to fade. Until Melissa’s Darkness followed me.

At the age of seventeen, I moved out of my parents and into my own place. It was the beginning of October and I was really excited to decorate my place for Halloween. I locked the door and shut off the lights except for my one pumpkin light that sat on my dresser. I crawled into bed and shortly after, I began to hear a familiar ringing noise as if the absence of silence was so loud. I opened my eye and see a tall Nosferatu-like creature move closer to me. The light from the pumpkin glowed from behind it. I felt cold chills go through whole my body and I froze. I couldn’t move, couldn’t scream. For a moment I really thought someone had broken into my house and was going to kill me. Then the memory flooded in. Melissa’s Darkness had come back for me. I closed my eyes and waiting for whatever was to come. I prayed that God and his angels would protect me. Yet nothing came for me. The pounding in my chest filled my soul, although scared to see it, again I open my eyes. The Darkness was gone, but the memory of the creature with the long fingers flooding in my head. I jump out of bed and ran to the light. I checked the door, but it was still closed and locked and everything looked secure. I wasn’t though. I was horrified. I laid my back to the door and sat on the floor and cried. I thought of Melissa and how I missed her. I thought of how precious she was to me and how I didn’t protect her and how weak I was that I froze again. I thought of calling my parents and telling them, but how could I tell them. I felt like a coward and promised I would never let that thing hurt anyone again. I did not sleep that night. I sat alone waiting for the sweet sun to kiss my face. Days and Months went by and nothing happened. I waited with a bat by my bed for that thing to come back. I told myself I wouldn’t freeze again. I’d kill it.

A few months later while out to brunch with my mother we were talking about when I was little and it was the perfect time to ask.

“What happened to Melissa?” My mother was taken back by the question but answered. “Well, I’m surprised you remember her, she didn’t live with us for very long and you were very young.”

“I know, but what happened after she left us?” I asked eagerly wanting to know.

“Melissa had been adopted by a wonderful family, but unfortunately her genetic disorder had taken it’s toll. A few months ago she passed away.”

Chills went down my spine. I knew the Darkness had taken her and I didn’t stop it.

“When?” I choked as I asked my mother.

“I think it was the begging of October”

Melissa’s Darkness follows me and because of that I have dedicated my life to hunting paranormal.

Submitted by Judy Raderchak

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