The Spirit Of Our Grandfather Won’t Ever Leave Us In Peace

16 March 2018 | Your Stories

I really enjoy reading about the paranormal. I’ve grown up with it in a way. Several people have seen strange things in our house. Seven generations of our family have lived, and died, here. My uncle always claims that he saw his father, after he had died, sitting in a chair in the dining room looking down starting at his hands. Apparently he was perfectly solid and completely unaware of my uncle standing in the doorway watching him. Uncle James blinked, and the spirit just disappeared. My father said that he saw the same man walk straight through a closed door. He also saw him peering through a window at him when he was outside gardening. My brother says that same grandfather walked into his room and sat talking to him several days after he had died. My brother only knew him from photographs… and was too terrified to say anything until the old man left. What did he talk about? Apparently, he wanted to talk about his rose bushes. He was a keen gardener and told my brother all about them.

Every single time we leave the house we expect to come home and find things have been moved around. Plates have been moved, ornaments, you name it… sometimes the TV changes channel or music starts playing… it can be really eerie.

Last night I had my feet sticking out of my blanket. I felt something pushing on my feet I thought it was our dog because sometimes he sleeps on my feet some nights. This time, however, I felt a pair of hands around my feet. I sat up to look and there was nothing there.

John Waken,

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